The Centre for Non-Violence is based in Bendigo. Our services cover the Loddon Campaspe region. At the core of our concern is women and children’s rights, safety and empowerment. Client privacy and confidentiality are respected at all times.

What we believe in at the Centre:

Our Vision

Gender and social equality in a violence free world.

Our Mission

To promote policy and community action to end violence, bullying and abuse in the community

Our Philosophy on Violence

  • Violence and abuse is a breach of human rights.
  • Violence is located within a power and control context.
  • Violence is unacceptable in any culture or community

Our Goals

  • To change public attitudes to violence in our community
  • To implement a broad-based support and violence- prevention program across all schools
  • To provide quality support to victims of violence
  • To provide opportunities for accountability and change for men who use violence.

Download our 2017-18 Annual Report Below

CNV Annual Report 2017/2018

CNV Annual Report 2016/2017

CNV_Annual Report_2015/2016