Services for women and children who have experienced family violence

The Integrated Family Violence Service provides:

  • Assessment, advocacy, safety planning, support and referral for women and children who have experienced family violence
  • Information about family violence and related issues
  • Assistance to obtain crisis accommodation
  • Non-legal support and a coordinated response with police, legal and family services.

Young Women’s Program –  for young women who are pregnant or parenting and experiencing housing and/or homelessness issues.

Children’s Program – individual support for children or parents who have experienced domestic violence.

Solving the Jigsaw

Solving the Jigsaw was developed in 1997  in response to the devastating statistic that 25 per cent of children and young people in Australia witness violence in their homes. Solving the Jigsaw is a multi-award winning early intervention program that aims to reduce the incidence and impact of violence and bullying in children’s lives through facilitating social change led by school communities.

The program includes classroom programs and the professional development of teachers and others who work with young people to better respond to the emotional needs of children. Solving the Jigsaw works towards shifting a culture of violence to one of well being.

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Community Education

The Centre for Non Violence provides community and professional education working in partnership with education institutions, local& regional organisations and business’.

The Centre for Non Violence takes a lead role in building community awareness through active participation in violence prevention projects such as White Ribbon Day, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, International Women’s Day and Week without Violence.

Enhancing the safety of Women & Children

Programs For Men Who Use Violence Against Family Members

As part of a coordinated community response for enhancing the safety of women and children, the Centre for Non-Violence delivers Men’s Behaviour Change Programs and provides men’s case management. These programs invite men to take responsibility for change to help keep everyone safe and are founded on a belief in the capacity for men to change coupled with sanctions for those who do not.

Loddon Mallee Homelessness Network

The Loddon Mallee Homelessness Network (LOMA) is a network of housing and homelessness agencies. LOMA provides co-ordination for many of the activities of these agencies including training, collaborative work, information sharing, policy responses, identification of common issues and development of solutions, raising the public awareness of homelessness and family violence and worker and agency support. LOMA also hosts the Children’s Resource Program for the region.

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