About Us

The Centre for Non-Violence has been delivering quality services to the community since 1990.

Gender and social equality in a violence-free world

Centre for Non-Violence is committed to safety and equality, especially for women and girls; culturally safe communities, where perpetrators of violence are held accountable and patriarchal norms are challenged; formal system reform that addresses male privilege; and a shift in the dialogue, which supports feminist principles.

Board Of Management and Senior Management

The Board of Management is our governing body and is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation, establishing clear strategic goals and objectives and ensuring CNV programs are delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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The CEO and Senior Management Team are responsible for the day to day management of the organisation and ensuring programs and services are delivered to our community to agreed standards.

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Client Services

Client Services delivers family violence outreach services and therapeutic recovery programs for women and children experiencing family violence and/or homelessness; young women’s housing programs; programs for men who use violence towards family members, including men’s behaviour change, enhanced intake and case management.

We also host key sector programs and positions including the Risk Assessment & Management Panel Coordinator (RAMP), the Personal Safety Initiative Coordinator and the Mental Health/AOD Family Violence Capacity Building Initiative.

Prevention and Development

The Prevention and Development team has a range of projects and programs which support organisational workforce capacity building with a key focus on training, community education, research and evaluation, advocacy and primary prevention in practice. CNV also auspices the Loddon Campaspe Regional Integration and Coordination program, with the Loddon Campaspe Principal Strategic Advisor role and the Loddon Mallee Homelessness Network Coordinator, including the Children’s Resource Program Coordinator.


The Operations team is responsible for human resources, asset and financial management, OHS, quality assurance and administrative support across the organisation.

Centre for Non-Violence draws on almost 30 years of frontline experience to deliver practical and effective solutions that are individualised to every woman and child with a culture of respect and non-judgmental support.

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