Job Application Process 

Careers at CNV

For consideration, applicants will need to provide the following:

  • Resume

  • Covering letter

  • Addressed Key Selection Criteria (contained within the position description, available to download from the job opportunity on our website)

    • It is essential that the information you provide is clear, concise and most importantly relevant, so that the selection panel can readily assess your application.
    • To respond to the KSC you will need to address each criterion individually with a separate heading for each one, about a paragraph in size, summarising how your skills, qualifications, experience and personal attributes are relevant for that criteria. It is always best to support your claims with evidence and avoid using opinions/statements such as ‘I have excellent communication skills’. We suggest using the ‘STAR’ approach –
      S – Situation – A brief outline of the situation or setting. Who was involved? What was your role?
      T – Task – What did you do? What happened next?
      A – Approach/Action – How did you do it?
      R – Result – What was the outcome? What feedback did you receive?
  • For specialist family violence roles - Completed Minimum Qualifications Pathways and Equivalency Self-Assessment form

    • If you have significant cultural knowledge and experience or lived experience and have faced significant barriers to education, and would like to enter via this pathway, this can be outlined in your cover letter or Resume. Please note that candidates are not required to disclose lived or cultural experience unless they are applying for this role through the above pathway.
    • Candidates may be asked to provide or discuss further evidence in the interview, relating to the above requirements.

Employment with CNV is subject to a satisfactory Working With Children clearance and criminal record history check prior to commencement of employment. 

For those who have lived overseas, there is the requirement to obtain an International Police check in addition to a National Police check.

Further Information

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