Men’s Programs

Services for men who use violence including men’s behaviour change and family violence case management programs – inviting men to take responsibility for change.

This is where you can read more about our Men's Behaviour Change program.

Making aMENds program

Making aMENds is a program for fathers who have used violence with family members. They will receive a key worker when entering the behaviour change program undergoing a comprehensive assessment. Group work offers an opportunity for men to examine their individual choices, inviting them to make better choices.

The program uses a whole of family approach: offering group and individual support for the fathers and individual support to the children and the children’s mothers/step-mothers. The safety of women and children always takes priority - this may mean that some men should not have contact with their children.

"That's why I enjoy the sessions so much.

Opportunity to talk through past experiences and ways to do better things."

- MBC Participant